Yank and Replace/ Facelift 20-45K

Kitchens that have great layouts or functionallity may not require major work or changes. As long as your cabinets still function and your space works, you can get away with cosmetic work. Not including the cost of labor, plan to spend $5-15,000 for a basic kitchen remodel, according to Remodeling magazine's Cost vs. Value Report 2016-17. This figure and estimated factors may include several other new items such as a sink, faucet, wall oven, laminate countertops, flooring and paint.  Adding in the cost of the labor will easily get you to 20k and higher.
Complete Remodel 35-75K

If your kitchen needs some major work, budget $35-75K for a complete renovation with midrange materials. You may be able to have granite counters and a custom tile backsplash with this option. But, this estimate may also include semi-custom cabinetry, an island, and new appliances. Flooring, paint, new lighting and a standard faucet and sink to fit into this budget as well.
High-End Renovation 75-100K+

If you want the bees knees kitchen with luxury finishes, plan to spend up to six figures for your remodeling job. For $75-100K+  This figure may include materials such as custom cabinetry, natural stone countertops and elaborate backsplashes. The cost allows for built-in appliances and bonus features such as warming drawers, trash compactor built in wine fridges and more! I have even placed reverse-osmosis water filtration and cork flooring.
Everyone has a budget and you maybe able to put in fancy items to an average budget. It truely comes down to all the final selections and what is worth it to you!


Please feel free to reach out with any design needs. Packages are also available for specific needs at discounted rates.

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